He knows. Hope and encouragement for #csa #survivors. 

For anyone who’s ever been told to hush, or that no one will believe you, or that your story is too dark to be told. 

God knows your pain.

He sees your wounds–and every person who ever inflicted them.

He heals.

He restores.

And He will bring justice.



After the stone rolls away. A poem.

after the stone rolls

away the heart longs for


to fill its droopy sails with joy and


doubts toward a horizon

straight and narrow,


with a harsh line of hope that

carries it through


waters, until the sun




Why I liked the Dodge Super Bowl commercial best…

Did you see the Super Bowl commercial from Dodge on Sunday? They gathered a bunch of 100-year-olds and had them talk about wisdom.

Here it is if you missed it:

Though the Budweiser commercial was a close second (because PUPPY!), this one won my heart.

I love old folks. I take care of them all the time–many nearing and a few at or even over 100–in my work as a nurse. And you know what?

They are wise.

My grandpa–Joe–was wise, too…a month shy of 95 when he passed away in February, 2012…driving the month prior. He frowned on girls wearing jeans. He told the same stories over and over and over again. He was particular and peculiar and kind as can be. He was larger than life and stubborn as hell. He owned too many guns and never caught enough fish. He collected rocks and carved rocks and went to rock shows. He was gentle and a giant, set in his ways and still in love with my grandma, who died nearly thirty years before he did. He took his last breath the day before Valentine’s Day, February 13, 2012, and I like to think he did that on purpose so he could kiss his Mary Jane firm on the lips just outside the grand gates of Heaven.

Grandpa Joe was one of the inspirations behind my second novel, Then Sings My Soul, which releases March 1. (You can pre-order it from your favorite book store now.)

Then Sings My Soul features a nonagenarian named Jakob. You can read more about him here. He could’ve held his own in that Dodge commercial, and then some. And I can’t wait until you read his story.

What about you?

You may not be 100, but what wisdom would you share if you were on this commercial?

Do you have a favorite person who lived or is still living near 100?