for survivors

I am a survivor.

It took years of therapy and the merciful, gracious hand of my Savior Jesus Christ for me to write that sentence with joy, confidence, and hope.

The details of what I survived at the hands of extended family and their friends for over 10 years aren’t as important as the fact that I am that one out of every three women who has been sexually abused. In addition, I survived three rounds of pretty significant perinatal mood disorders–for which sexual trauma is a major risk factor–following the births of each of my three precious sons.

Your story may be different. It may be the same. No matter what you went through, it is your story. It is important. It matters.



And you can find healing and hope.

Here are some of my past blog posts, by category, on my experiences with the ongoing journey of healing. You can also find a list of helpful books and web resources on the tabs above.

Be blessed, dear one.

And believe that the One who has brought you through it will heal you from it.




Perinatal Mood Disorders/Postpartum Depression



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