The good news about secrets.




In my new novel, How Sweet the Sound, the Harlan family knows a lot about secrets. They learn some pretty tough lessons, too, about what happens when sin is allowed to fester and weave its way unchecked through the generations.

Just like in II Samuel 13:20, when folks are told to keep pain to themselves, the innocent and the broken have no choice but to live out their days in the desolation of silence and shame.

Find out how the Harlan family learns to live different, and how the grace of light and the mercy of forgiveness are available for all who seek.


“He shines a spotlight into caves of darkness,
    hauls deepest darkness into the noonday sun.”

Job 12:22 (TMV)


How Sweet the Sound is available wherever fine books are sold, in print and e-readers formats. The best place to buy it is always at your local, independent bookstore. But here’s a few more places you can buy it too:

How Sweet the Sound at Amazon

How Sweet the Sound at LifeWay

How Sweet the Sound at Barnes and Noble

How Sweet the Sound at Books a Million 

How Sweet the Sound at Christian Book Distributors (CBD)

How Sweet the Sound at David C. Cook (Publisher)

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three cries and a thrill: a poem

shadows spatter across the gray horizon
like hard coal
against the brown withered winterscape
all the ground groaning for life
the nevermore of blackbirds
the red stain on the wing
stripes of crimson
fighting against the fickle
feathered bones pushing heavenward
as if blood surely does redeem
golden light an accent
an afterthought



right here. a poem.

right here. 

He said holding

a finger up beside His eye

the same place where

a lonely tear fell from lashes

water rising  past ankles

then knees

wobbly, buckling, straining to remember

how to move in harmony




toward flailing arms

certain clouds glowering low

sea birds circling raucous

squawking out their throaty glee

she knew not what she meant

when she exclaimed

Here am i

she was only glad to go

until the whole business of walking on water came up

and then the deep tried to pull her back under

dark waves cresting over truth

gusts of shame prevailing

until the Voice

the command

the ultimatum

Here am I

right here.