An overview in pictures. How Sweet the Sound: A Novel

Since I’m eyeball deep with an intense round of copy edits (I cannot even tell you how excited I am about this book!!!!!) for my second novel (Then Sings My Soul, 3/2015), I thought I’d share some photo squares and repost some of the things I’ve posted since How Sweet the Sound released. Enjoy!

And if you’ve read How Sweet the Sound, tell us why you’d recommend it to others in the comments!





A clean start.

The first day of autumn. The first day of change, transformation, thanksgiving. Ready-or-not, the cool frost settles on the browning corn, the golden soybeans, the rooftops of silos waiting to be filled.

I don’t think fall signals the end of a season near as much as the beginning, the shorn fields laid bare, the broken stalks pointing heavenward, the earth turned over once more to wait, steadfast, for spring.


The long exhale of a song.

Singing isn’t easy when you’re breathless from carrying the baggage of hurt or sadness on your back.

But like this old proverb says, the first step of singing is breath.

Take a deep one this morning. Hold it in, savor the coolness of the inbreaking autumn air. Then exhale gratefulness that a new day unfolds before you, another opportunity to sing, whether in the rain or the sunshine or the pain.

What song will you sing today?

Or will you be savoring that one single breath, the one that takes all your strength to muster, but the one which keeps you alive all the same?