The How Sweet the Sound book trailer is HERE!!!

Hi friends! I’m so thrilled to share with you a brand new book trailer for How Sweet the Sound! If you’ve already read the book, I hope you like the trailer as much as I do.

And if you haven’t read the book, well, then, I sure hope it’ll encourage you to do so.

Folks are finding a lot of hope in these pages.

I’d be much obliged if you found some within, too.


thoughts about the forgotten



What do you think about this quote?

Have you found it to be true, or not true, in your own life?

If you’ve read How Sweet the Sound, how do you think this quote from the novel plays into the characters lives? (without giving away spoilers, of course!)


Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account.

~Ecclesiastes 3:15

second chances

second chances



“A Southern story of second chances.”

That’s one of the tag lines for How Sweet the Sound.

It’s fitting, I think. So many of the characters have been through trials and are just plain tired of trying to find a God who seems so elusive in the midst of their pain and shame.

But strange things happen when we reach the end of our selves.

Second chances come around.

More because we choose to take them than because they’re handed to us.

How might God be asking you to take a chance today?